Apostrophy Designs: Brinlee Joy

Brinlee Joy


My cute niece Brinlee Joy has chosen to be baptized and become of member of the LDS Church tomorrow. I am soo proud of her!

She got her middle name from her Grandmothers, both of which are named Joyce, and is a true JOY in every sense of the word! She let me take some pictures of her for the event and even though she tends to be shy, she's so much fun and such a good example and helper in her family!

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TamiJenson said...

crazy that brin is already 8. the kids keep on growing up and life is going fast.. well i am ready to buy my purse..

Trachel said...

we were so sad to miss Brin's baptism. We were there in spirit though. She is so cute and were so proud of her.We need to come up to the house and chill! Thanks Tor.

Ashlee said...

Hey Tori its Ash. I hear you want a peak into our lives down here in sunny Arizona. well send me an email to ashleephelps2010@yahoo.com and I will send the invite your way. Adam had a good lunch with don the other day, maybe next time we ALL can get together!!

elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

You have a great site. Tip Junkie sent me over! I will be bookmarking your blog to check in and see what all you come up with!! Have a great day!!

PetersonFam said...

Brinlee is such a sweetie! We loved the Baptism Invitation..(good job)!..she looked adorable!
I was sad to not be at the baptism, but, Ryann was there and said it was really FUN! Chad and Tif took care of my kiddies on this busy day of theirs...I sure love their cute butts!!!!!!

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