Apostrophy Designs: Catch-Sup


I am going to be gone all next week...work & girls camp, all things fun! But I will be back shortly and doing some giveaways, posting cool pictures and adding new stuff for my etsy shop!!

P.S. Now that our kitchy is nearing completion, my mind is wandering in the direction of [this is weird] fireplace mantles...[I know weird.] Here's one of my favorites so far...whatcha think?


Unknown said...

I LOVE it seriously!

Amy said...

ohhhhh! I like! I like!!!

.... and I want to see pictures of the kitch-o!

Unknown said...

In all of your remodeling has Don ever thrown anything at you such as, oh, I don't know, sprinkler heads or PVC pipe? If so, just be strong and know that time heals all wounds. Although it will leave scars that last a life time.

Anonymous said...

Tori, is there any way to block this matt fellow from leaving harassing comments on your blog? Every time he shows up he just kills the feel-good environment that you've created.

Mauri said...

Hey guys-
Just passing the word along about the LHS Class of '98 Reunion on Friday, July 18th, 6pm on the LHS Patio. There will be an official email going out with details, so if you are interested, email me at mauri.winder@gmail.com and I will pass it along when it comes. Thanks!

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