Apostrophy Designs: A Jazz Fan, Am I...

A Jazz Fan, Am I...

Usually on a snowy winter evening I would curse the snow as it continued to come down. However, tonight I watched it snow while sitting in a quant coffee shop and listened to a pick-up Jazz Jam session. It all started this semester with my History of Jazz class, it was all fun and games at first until I realized that I really enjoy listening to the different types of Jazz. As part of the class, we are required to go to an alloted number of shows and after tonight I think I will attend the other two with a smile on my face and some toe-tapping to accompany it.

**Ok minor confession, I enjoyed it so much because of the huge cups of coffee that people were drinking, they reminded me of my favorite movie, So I Married An Axe Murderer. At one point between sets I found myself unconsciously humming... "Woman, Wo-man, Wooooman" It thrilled me so much that immediate when I got home I looked up the clip so I could enjoy it even more! 

(Next time I will get me a GIANT cup of hot chocolate!)

I love this movie so much that I used to memorize all of the quotes from it... I am pretty proud to say that I still had most of this Beat Poem memorized, oh what a dork I am! But if you have seen it, or seen it in awhile watch it! It'll be a great thing to do if your snowed in!


Amy said...

"she was a thief! you've got to believe! she stole my heart and my... cat?"

hahaha..... sounds so fun and cozy and YES next time FOR SURE get the monster cup o' hot choco.

Tyler said...

There indeed was some good toe tappin' jazz going down last night. The dude next to us was really feeling the vibes that them musicians were putting out!

Leslie said...

Hot Chocolate sounds so good right now. Having it in a huge mug though makes it infinity times better!

Oh and P.S. I am so going to have that song stuck in my head :)

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