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I got tagged awhile ago by my sister-in-law... but I don't really like gushing about myself [it feels soo informal, like a first date]. So I thought I would just share a couple of blogs that I love right now... I'll Call It My Top 3 Blogs I Can't Live Without [seriously]...

1-Kerflop - This is my MOST favoritist blog right now! It all started when I read this post, where she revisited her yearbooks of past [she scribbled people out, I know we all have!] and shared stories of old, along with looking some of them up now!! Today there was another good one about online dating... For a good time, frequently visit here.

2-A Little Sussy - She is a photographer who takes fabulous pictures, and always posts fun, beautiful things! She teaches photography classes and is currently doing a Garden Swap [never participated before but it sounds kinda fun].

3- Meg's Diary [Meg Cabot] - I don't know how I found this blog, but this blog had me at the excitment of getting one of her books banned from a public school! She is the author of the Princess Diaries and other books. Her most recent post was on "Why Tim Riggins Didn't Ask You Out" [a very educational look at why your crush in High School never asked you out]. Now it just all makes sense!


Unknown said...

your top 2 are faves of mine, as well! and i can't wait to check out your other pick!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the linky love! :o)

sadie said...

Weird that my blog wasn't on there. It must be a given, I guess.

The Soffe said...

Tim Riggins is one of the coolest guys around...I hope he can pull it together.

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