Apostrophy Designs: Praise To The Man!

Praise To The Man!

As many of you know, yesterday Gordon B. Hinckley, leader of the LDS Church, passed away. What an amazing example his life was of service, love and true faith! He was such a cute man and I am thankful to have been alive during the time he was a Prophet.

A few things about Gordon B. Hinckley:

-He traveled to 60 countries and dedicated 95 of the LDS 124 temples, some on sites that he himself had surveyed and selected.

-He gave news conferences and was the first church president to sit for interviews on “60 Minutes” and “Larry King Live.”

-To emphasize its commonality with other churches, he changed the church’s logo, making the words “Jesus Christ” in the church’s name much larger than “Latter-day Saints.”

-He arranged to make the church’s huge library of genealogical records publicly available on the Internet.

-In Mr. Hinckley’s term, the church grew to count more than 12 million members worldwide — more than the largest Lutheran denomination.

-President Bush awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004.


Amy said...

praise to the man, indeed! that is my favorite picture of President Hinckley. what a good idea to post a tribute to such a wonderful man... he is already missed greatly!

jill d said...

I agree what a good idea. I'm sad for all of us that are left behind, but I'm so excited for him and his cute wife to be together again. He is an amazing man and leader!

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