Apostrophy Designs: The Tale of The New Pornographers.

The Tale of The New Pornographers.

No it's not anything dirty. Not by any means. It's actually a band, a good one at that! With our little mishap earlier this week, there was a point when we weren't going to go. We negociated it with Soffe over french toast and decided we should go. Everyone needs a Soffe by the way, he planned out a list of good concerts coming up, which includes a FHE concert featuring Interpol in October. THANKS SOFFE! Ok, back to the concert, there were some weird people there, by weird I mean drunk, that I could have definetly done without. You can pick your nose, but not your concert friends, right?

This is the song they closed with, you know before the encore. You may also recognize this song from a Saturn commerical. It was really good live!! In fact, I was really impressed with how well the sang together, it really flowed. The other bands that played were also really good, usually this phenomenon doesn't occur. The other bands were Lavendar Diamond, they were really random between songs but it made it more interesting and The Akward Stage, which reminded me the movie Sixteen Candles.


Adrienne said...

The name still scares me. Don keeps telling me to listen to them cause they are good...well, I didn't dare. But, I did listen to the youtube clip and they seem pretty ok. Glad you had fun!!!

Amy said...


I am missing all the good music because I live... here.

MissLed said...

I really liked the show too. I agree with you though - I could have done without drunk girl. The way she was flailing around...someone could have been seriously injured!

You're blog is so cute. I'm glad we are officially blog friends. :)

The Soffe said...

I love Neko Case! I have the Interpol tickets in my possession. How about Blackalicious @ The Depot on October 25? Great! I'll get the tickets.

Tori said...

Did someone say Blackalicious...? I am in... ha ha! Interpol for FHE sounds great!!

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