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The Time Has Come.

For the Fall TV Line-up to start! Yahoo! Like most people I enjoy the drama and comedy shows, but what I love, love, love is reality TV. One such show just happens to be Dancing with the Stars and it happens to start this coming Monday!

Here are some of the people I am rooting for:


Amy said...

I know... I am so excited too.

Who is that last person on dancing with the stars? I am not familiar...

Did you watch Grey's last night? Apparently, it was ***NEW**** and I missed it. Luckily my friend DVR'd it... so I can still catch it.

When does 'Dancing' premier?


Adrienne said...

Amy-I believe that last person is Marie Osmond. How can you even pretend to be in love with her brother? I have never really watched Dancing with the Stars...maybe I shall start with this season.

Also, sorry about the confusion. It was not a new Grey's. Joshy was confused. It was a recap of Addison-building up for Private Practice-which I am almost as excited to see as the new Grey's. I might die. Another week to go!!!

The Soffe said...

I'm firmly in the Jennie Garth camp. I will not cheer for anyone else! But I probably won't watch, HIMYM, Chuck, Heroes, & football are all on Monday night.

Tori Andersen said...

amy- I know who you are talking about it Cameron Matheson he's on mine and Adam's favorite soap opera All My Children.

I missed Grey's :(

Dancing premiers on Monday and then it's like a 3x a week!

Ade- I am excited to watch those shows too... sometimes I wonder why I am going to school... I need to just devote myself to all this good TV

Soffe- I will just fill you in on the good shows... I didn't realize Chuck was on the same night... and I couldn't figure out what HIMYM meant but I got it now!!

Melanie said...

Shut up! I love Dancing With The Stars!

It's Aaron's friend, Melanie, and he says we should be blog friends. Also tell Adam the cats can't wait until he comes to visit again since they know how much he loves them. Meow.

Tori Andersen said...

We can definetly be blog buds only if that means we can talk reality TV! I will send Adam the love from the cats as well.

Nora(h) is so cute! She's grown up quick.

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