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Anyone who has been around me lately knows that I am very obsessed with a certain song. It all started when my sister-in-law Ashley made me the Boo Yeah Mix '07 with this song and now it's my ringtone.

The song is orignally by Rihanna, but I found this version on Soffe's blog and I think it's one of the best versions out there! Thanks Soffe!!


Amy said...

nice tor. I also enjoy this song. AND I am going to check out Soffe's blog right now (who knew???)!!!

Amy said...

OH!!! AND CUTE BLOG!!! lookin' so delish (I hate that expression. but it really is looking adorable.)

tori said...

thanks it is still a work in progress!

ashtab said...

soffe has a blog? what?!?! where?

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