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Just Another Manic Monday

Well kind of. Ok it started a couple of weeks ago when our current tenant told us she'd be moving out, GREAT (not really, she just moved in). So the task of finding someone new is not fun, plus it's September schools already in and such. So in an effort to find someone faster, and avoid the calls directed at us from people wanting to rent our whole house, we decided to put an ad in the newspaper. Well as anyone who's ever tried to get a hold of me knows it’s a difficult task, I seldom answer because my phone is either lost or dead. So who is the idiot that put my number in the newspaper? I did, on accident but that's another story all on it’s own. So yesterday I forgot my phone when I went to work and didn't get reunited with it until about 2:00 and by then I had missed 3 calls. I only call the people back that leave messages, so about an hour later, I get a call from this guy, who didn't EVER leave a message, and he gets mad at me because he'd tried to call on Saturday and yesterday (we don't do business on Sunday's). He has driven by and wants to see our apartment. SERIOUSLY, ANGRY? Ok, whatever so he's going to come at 6. I go grocery shopping after work, argh, and call Don to check the basement to make sure it looks ok to show. Well it turns out the basement toliet had flooded and we can't show it to MR. ANGRY DUDE, I call him, I tell him about basement disaster, he doesn't care, he is almost to our house, he wants to see it anyways, ok FINE! He sees it, the END. After trying to figure out where the leak has been coming from, which we assumed had stopped by now, our tentant FINALLY calls back to inform us that the hose to the toilet had started leaking 2 or 3 days ago... SERIOUSLY? Where were we? Don’t worry though because she was going to get a fan and dry it out, umm don’t think so, we’ll call a professional, but THANKS.
**Sorry to vent.
**Thank goodness for The Bachelor which changed my mood from bitter to almost peeing my pants. I will share my thoughts on The Bachelor another time, along with Dancing with the Stars.


Anonymous said...

Dear Flossy,
How do you get a different *darling* background on your blog everyday?

Also, sorry about the toilet problems and the stellar renter. That's weak sauce man.

Have a good day.

jill said...

oh my, the joys, right? donswife and her phone, now there's another story! jk, you almost always answer my calls. good luck with the renters. todd might want a vacation home, i mean vacation apartment to escape from the crazies!

Adrienne said...

Oh no. This is too much. What did Angry man think of it? What a pain. I'm sorry.

PS-I LOVED the bachelor. It will be another fantastic season...however, I don't know if I would call him the sexiest bachelor in the shows history. That title, in my opinion, still belongs to Andrew Firestone.

Amy said...


Tori Andersen said...

**I know I went through a phase where I changed it everyday but I kinda like where I am at... I will share my blog backround secrets with you in private... ha ha.

**todd can definetely move down there if he promises to tell us when the toliet leaks! Gets really pricey if you forget to tell people.

**Angry Man=Smoke Smell, didn't want him anyways. I don't know who my hottest bachelor was, maybe Bob... ha ha, I liked Ryan even though he wasn't the bachelor.

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