Apostrophy Designs: 2011 Bucket List (aka Resolutions)

2011 Bucket List (aka Resolutions)

1- LEARN NEW THINGS -- I hate doing things that I don't feel good at or is out of my comfort zone. For example this last year I was completely nervous selling stuff at markets and even though I had my awkward moments (trust me there were lots) I really enjoyed myself and made a lot of friends in the process.

2- TAKE UP PAINTING -- This is something I have always wanted to do and am actually going to sign up for a class with my SIL at the beginning of the year. (kinda goes with number 1, eh?)

3- READ MORE -- I have always loved to read but find I am doing it less and less lately. So I will read more Scriptures, spiritual books, for fun, and even read more with Bergen (she loves books too).

4- WRITE THINGS DOWN -- I have a blog, but I am not good at mentioning the small things that happen. I love the Internet but there is still something fun about a handwritten journal.

5- ENJOY LIFE -- I can name a bunch of times this last year that I was no fun to be around. I am going to try to relax and enjoy everything (even if I things go wrong and are out of my control). Plus my baby is turning two in a few months and I need to enjoy her everday!


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