Apostrophy Designs: Oh Barf!

Oh Barf!

It all happened around 3 a.m.

I woke up and moved so fast, I left no covers on our bed.

Bergen's usual night stirs had gone quickly from coughs to barfs!

**I should mention night coughs are no big deal in our house since we have croup or colds about every other week. WE LOVE THE WINTER TIME!

I feel like it only took me three giant leaps to get from our room, down the hall and into Bergs room.

I caught her as she was still half asleep choking on her barf.

Poor baby girl. Oh wait poor mommy, she stuck her barf covered hand in my mouth.

Yep. You heard me.

Game over, I ran with her in my arms to the bathroom sink to dry heave.

**I am not good with things like this, EVER....

blood=nope, guts=nope nope, barf=nowayjose!

As gross as it sounds, I was fine. FINE! I was able to yell at Adam and then clean up our poor Bergs as she was finally waking up and started to realize what was going on.

We cleaned her off and I think she realized what she had already put me through and begged for her dad the rest of the night.

I showered and said a silent prayer.

Boy am I thankful for prayers.

Here is a picture of Bergs one night before our family prayers.

She loves to line up her 'friends' every night before we say them.

Last night we had a group around 10, she's a great missionary!

Our prayers with Bergs aren't always the longest but I hope the principle will stick.

Because I know our Heavenly Father answers prayers.

Even if they involve barf.


Adrienne Hansen said...

OH GOSH! I wish I would have been there to hand you baby wipes! Barfs are so gross. SO, SO, SO gross!

On a happy note...will you send Bergs over to teach Jimmy that prayers are an ok thing. He FREAKS out when we try. He will not be a good missionary. Haha!

Katie said...

Oh man- it does get better when they are older and can make it into the barf bucket or the toilet- HA HA. It does get worse when you have multiple children barfing all night HA HA. On a wonderful note- that doll lining up and prayer saying is the cutest thing EVER. I love it. AND at wait until she prays for her parents to be nicer and give her more candy and presents HA HA

Katie_Stoker said...

That was gross and cute all at the same time. I'm glad you could see God and gospel principles in puke. You should mention this experience in a talk some day.

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