Apostrophy Designs: How-To Make Your Own Fabric Labels

How-To Make Your Own Fabric Labels

I love to create handmade items for friends and family for Christmas. In fact I can't wait for the day when I can help my kids create awesome handmade gifts for each other, like Design Mom and her kids do. So what would be more perfect this Holiday season than to have some custom fabric labels for you or your kids to label their handmade gifts? 

This process may sound complex but it's really simple, you don't even need photoshop.

I started out by getting some June Tailor fabric sheets from a local craft store (Hobby Lobby) or on Amazon (I prefer the green package because the material doesn't fray).

Next I designed my labels in my text editor (Photoshop works wonders too!) and separated the labels by columns. I left a blank line so that you can hand write in a name or write a note and the year the gift was given.

You will notice that the fabric sheets have a stiff backings, this allows the fabric to act like paper and print the labels. So you just load the paper and print.

Finally, to waterproof the labels first iron them to set the ink, and then spraying them with a clear crafting gloss.

And you are good to label your handmade gifts!


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