Apostrophy Designs: Folks, We Have A Winner!

Folks, We Have A Winner!

First of all sorry to be vague. We skipped out of town this week (but I didn't want to share that we were gone until we were back home, which we are so do not try to break into my house this week for you will sorely be surprised!)

Also, we didn't take Bergen with us on this trip... HOW COME NO ONE TELLS YOU THAT IT'S REALLY HARD TO LEAVE YOUR KIDS BEHIND while you decide to travel to Washington DC or anywhere I'm sure?

The night before, in a moment of panic, I tried to pack her in my suitcase...

She couldn't have been happier but I didn't risk it and left her with her Aunts.

Needless to say she DIDN'T care much that we were gone, infact I think it was all a BIG PARTY FOR HER!

Ok, now that I have that off my chest I can announce the winner of my BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

The first WINNER of th $25.00 giftcard to my etsy shop is HAYLEY(#15) who said...

I met Hayley at the Logan Gift Show and she is such a cute and strong person! She has two adorable girls and I almost copied her and used the name Sienna on Bergs. Congrats Hayley!!

Next, I decided to giveaway a headband/bangle too! (Who says number 1 never wins)

The WINNER of a headband/bangle of their choice is MISSY(#1) who said...

I've known Missy for many years and she is athletic as well as talented in many ways... In fact in Sept she ran a 1/2 marathon at Disneyland and took pictures with some Disney Princesses while doing it! Congrats Missy!

Thanks everyone for participating, you made my Birthday that much more exciting!


Hayley said...

I am soooo excited! I never win. Thank you much! (I just bought another bracelet at Becky Bairds...guess I should have waited. :) I'm off to shop now. I will let you know what I want. Thanks so much!

Missy said...

I'm so excited too cause I NEVER win! Yea winning is so fun!!!

Can I choose that white poppy bangle? Oh I love that one!!!!


Adrienne Hansen said...

Since I didn't win, can you please send that little girl to my house? In the suitcase please! I need her!!!

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