Apostrophy Designs: Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

 Sure love this silly little girl.

This is her Christmas outfit and cute Santa stocking.

Bergs loves Santa a lot and can talk non-stop about him.

Santa stockings do confuse her though...

 All of our stockings, before we hung them on the fireplace.

 Grady and Bergs opening jammies.

Denning Gran-kids before Jammies.

 Denning Gran-kids post Jammies.

 Best friends!

 Grandma, Grandpa, Hadley and Bergie Lou


Christmas morning and our favorite present a bed for babies.

Now Bergs doesn't have to sleep with all ten of her babies, we put them in the crib! ha ha!

 Denning Girls + Mama Denning

Bergs playing with her favorite, ooooo Princesses! She loves her Reelllllla (Cinderella)

I think Christmas was a HUGE success and I must admit it was fun for me too! 


Stacy said...

OH MY HECK!! Are you sure Hadley isn't your child?! When I first saw that picture I just looked at her and your parents and thought it was an old picture of you with your parents from when you were little! I think there was a mix-up in the hospital!

Katie said...

So cute- I love when they get old enough to enjoy it. I love that crib! I bet Savannah would steel it HA HA

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