Apostrophy Designs: Weekend Re-Cap

Weekend Re-Cap

The boutique was a lot of fun! It's was great to spend time with my sister-in-law and see many of my friends and make some new ones!

Because the boutique was on Don's birthday we had to spread his birthday over a few days.

But I don't think he or Bergs minded one bit.

He may be 31, but he still fits in with the kids!

It was fun to see Bergs get involved with everything from singing and blowing out candles to unwrapping presents and giving them to daddy.

I just got really excited for Christmas!


Holly said...

Cute boutique set up! I am also so jealous that you got the blue man group to model. You must have booked them ages ago!

Adrienne Hansen said...

OH! Cute pictures from the celebration. Look how cute the one they are all folding their arms is!

Katie said...

We missed seeing you this weekend.

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