Apostrophy Designs: Four-Eyes


Both Don and I wear glasses in the mornings when we wake up.

Lately Bergs has caught on to us wearing glasses and wanted some of her own...

She watched a whole episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in them this morning.

The only downfall is that I've had a hard time documenting her in them...

She wants to see what we are taking a picture of instead of being the object in the picture, kinda frustrating considering all the fun stuff she does now!

Oh well at least she likes Photobooth.

Also, we decorated our house today for Christmas (more than in shown).

I am excited for the Holiday season aren't you?


Delia said...

Ha ha...she is so darn cute. Do you just die of cuteness overload around her?

Okay...I have a weird question to ask. Since you mentioned that you have decorated for Christmas already...I would like to take a picture of something in front of a Christmas tree in a room with a lot of light. Would you mind if I used your tree for 10 min. or so in the next week0ish, or do you know of a good person/place that won't think I am a major wacko for asking? Sorry that was a long question! :)

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