Apostrophy Designs: Thankful For: Bergalicious

Thankful For: Bergalicious

I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for this little girl.

I think every stage of her life is my favorite.

Every song she sings.

Face she pulls.

Dance moves she shakes.

Words she says.

Mimics she does.

She's just perfect.

And I'm thankful she's my baby girl!

(And in case you don't believe me about her amazing dance skills...)


Adrienne Hansen said...

Loved the YEEEAAAAAHHH at the end! Haha! She does have some pretty sweet dance moves. Have we ever had her and Jimmy dance together? We should.

Delia said...

Cheerleader just like her mama! {A little birdie told me you were on in hs}

You are such an adorable mom to one very cute girl!

Jordan and Katrina Hansen said...

Evelyn and I watched that video together. We loved it!

I made some Christmas pillow covers today inspired by you! You're great!

Ash said...

Love Bergs. She is THE best.

Ashlee said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope in our busy Christmas trip we will get to meet up with you guys!!

Delia said...

Oh and I would have commented on your other post again but it's a giveaway...CONGRATS on being a featured giveaway on SYTYC! That is awesome.

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