Apostrophy Designs: Silver & Gold

Silver & Gold

Lately this little lady has been so polite.

She asks "please" and says "thank you mommy" in the sweetest tender voice, that I don't think I've said "no" to her all week!

I would probably give her the world...ha ha!

Which got me thinking of something fun and new for the boutique coming up and I came up with...

SILVER and GOLD zipper flower headbands! Perfect for YOUR someone that deserves the 'WORLD'.

(Or a my friend Delia greatly put it, some Christmas BLING!)

I'll put some up in the shop next week, but if you are in town come pick so up at the Logan Gift Show.


Delia said...

Awww...sweetness. It is perfect for a little Christmas bling too! :)

Adrienne Hansen said...

We should get tiny baby and bergs together for a photo shoot in their matching purple dresses. So cute@

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