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Suzie-B Homemaker

Reading everyone's blogs lately has left me lacking...

I haven't made any jams lately, canned anything, or put together any salsa's.

So today I decided to put my homemaking skills to the test (ha ha!).

We've only ever been able to grow zucchini and by the truck load.

So instead of trying to give it all away or make it into breads, I grated it up and froze it so we can enjoy zucchini bread all winter long!





Momma in Pearls said...

love your blog first comment here, but long time reader.

i feel you, i haven't updated my "homecooking" section of my blog in ummm....what month is it?

Amy said...

ohhhh we LOVE zucchini bread! that is a great idea Tor. you are ToriJo homemaker. always.

Shels said...

such a great idea! zucchini goodness year-round!!! yum yum

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