Apostrophy Designs: Hey Mickey, You're So Fine

Hey Mickey, You're So Fine

Exactly one week from today my little family (and my BIG family) is going to be on our way to California to meet the one, the only Micky Mouse (and maybe Minnie too!).

I love that place and now that we've added a child into the mix my excitement level has gone up 1,000 times.

So much in fact, that I decided to whip up this little outfit for Berg's first visit to Disneyland.

I just took an older onsie and I just straight-stitched a felt shaped mouse, I added a bow to give it a Minnie appeal.

(No need to applique because felt doesn't fray, yah!)

I even made a cute matching bow for Bergs hair.

This may or may not be one of the reasons I am having trouble focusing on other things.


Amy said...

hey tori you're so fine

you're so fine

you blow my mind

hey tori!!!!

those are so cute.

i forgot you were going so soon!!!!

HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I know you will.....

Landon & Cami said...

What a good idea! When I have children I am so going to need your help!!!!

Ashlee said...

Super cute now all she needs is these pants go to this link.

Josh and Ashley Wood said...

Wow... you are talented... I can't believe you just whipped that up! That is adorable... can't wait to see pictures of her wearing it! Have a great time at the happiest place on earth!

Trachel said...

can i hold her once when she wears that! how cute is that! lucky girl gets her own minnie outfit! so cute Tor!

Emily and Russell Petty said...

Have so much fun in Disneyland! I've never been!

katrina said...

Hold on...I thought you said you were in a creative rut!!!!

Shels said...

what a perfect outfit!
Have so much fun!

Leslie said...

Hey! Where's mine? You should make them for the whole family. That way, we can match! Sike. But Bergen is going to be a doll! I am so excited for D-land!

momma said...

that is absolutely adorable!!!

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