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My side of the family got pictures taken awhile back, and now that everyone has been photoshopped approved how they look, I thought I would post it so you can see just how crazy we all really are.


p align="left">Because we have grown up, grown in our waists [me], and grown in number...I thought it'd be appropriate to give you a run down of who's who in the Denning Clan.



Trachel said...

They turned out good Tor! That day was fun and we need to do it more on sundays just hangout with eachother!What are you guys doing on halloween?

Leslie said...

Who is that guy you have labeled "The Ninja".. He is a FOX! ;) You guys are a cute family. Thanks for that link!

jill d said...

Hey how come I didn't get a say in the photo? I need a little work done in photoshop!!!! Wow our family is big.

TamiJenson said...

HEY HAVE YOU photoshopped my family picture? I would like to get one and to get a big famillia one too. Great job except i needed a lot of photo shop and you didn't do any to me!!!

Shels said...

what a cute and fun fam!

AdAmy said...

Your fam has good taste in kids names. Congrats on expecting a girl, they are so much fun!! I wish we would've had some time to chat at church last Sunday. It was good seeing you nonetheless.

PetersonFam said...

Hey "baby-moma" ...love the pic of your family...can you believe how it GROWS!?
You guys are too cute! Love the pic of the Willis...sure miss their CREW!

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