Apostrophy Designs: Confession #4: Did Ya Practice?

Confession #4: Did Ya Practice?

I feel that I should force every baby within reach into Don's arms,
so he can practice...

[and then document it for posterity's sake]

I'm joking, he picked him up willingly.
With those cheeks could you resist?

Don's going to be a great Dad!


Adrienne Hansen said...

Oh, I love it! Don will be a great dad!

Tor-check your email! :)

Leslie said...

Awww that is precious. Whose baby is that? He is cute!

Trachel said...

Don will be a great dad i know he will! I cant wait to see him carrying the diaper bag and Lugging the car seat around:)We had so much fun at dinner with you guys! and game night was a blast!

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