Apostrophy Designs: Sounds Questionable To Me!

Sounds Questionable To Me!

Down to the wire and still not sure who to vote for?
I found this cool quiz that will give you a better idea of who your woman/man is [in the presidential race]. However, I throw caution to the wind, you DON'T have to vote for who it tells you... it's just something to get those gears in your head turning!

Also, sad day. I am hence forth discontinuing the music on this blog and will shortly [5 months from now] create a music-only blog. I felt like the music, as good as it is, was taking momentum away from the actual posts + YouTube clips on my blog. It also slowed things down quite a bit, so I'll let you know when I get brave enough to tackle two blogs.


TamiJenson said...

thanks for helping at the rock haus !!! we really appreciated it.. you are awesome tor.. we love ya

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