Apostrophy Designs: Hubba, Hubba, Wowzas!

Hubba, Hubba, Wowzas!


Remember my project? Well I have been trying to rack up some photos for it, and then I stumbled upon these fine photos.

I couldn't help but appreciate the gene pool in which I come from, my sister's always joke about how they all got my dad's nose [which I did NOT receive & which is NOT a bad thing], but I can really see why my dad fell in love my mom and vise versa. I mean hubba hubba, wowzas! Not that old age has done them wrong, but it's fun to see where they have come from, and not just ended up.

I don't know a whole lot about their courtship, other than they dated in high school, but as part of my project I will ask the questions and write them down for posterity's sake.


Amy said...

CUTE tor! what a great idea!!!

Adrienne Hansen said...

Way cute idea! And I love your digital scrapbooking stuff on here...you are very good at it. Also, Troy looks so much like your dad!!!

jill d said...

I have never seen those pictures before. I would love to hear about their courtship and the early days of their marriage. Please share.
We miss you guys! Love ya!

TamiJenson said...

well dads nose doesn't look so bad on him. but for a girl?? j/k we all didn't turn out too bad and mom was gorgeous!!! your awesome tor...

modmom said...

darling couple!

you're sweet valentine :)

i added you to my valentine's blogroll.

be sure to enter each of the giveaways before valentine's day at midnight to win prizes :)

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