Apostrophy Designs: A Glimpse At Twilight

A Glimpse At Twilight

For months now, I have read much about how people are falling in love with Edward and are dying to become vampires. I kept telling myself to ignore everyone and I was not going to read the Twilight series, but I finally broke down about a month or so ago... Sadly, I have become obsessed with the books and have found myself fitting in with the people above.

I am even more excited for the movie to come out...they recently posted these pictures of the Cullen Family for the movie and I thought I'd share them.


What are your thoughts?

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Leslie! said...

Tori!!!! You just made my day (which is saying a lot because I have had a pretty rotten day) wow I am so excited. Edward is better than I thought he was going to be. I guess I just pictured cedric diggory instead of the actual actor. My mistake.

My other thoughts... Emmett looks scary.. They got Esme perfect and Jasper's hair is out of control!

Adrienne said...

I don't know if I really like any of them. My imagination had all of them way more pretty and perfect. Oh well.

Adrienne said...

Oh and I just realized Esme is that one girl from Grey's! Not sure if I like that.

Tori said...

Yeah I don't like that either...about Esme... I do like alice though she is who I pictured her to be...

Amy said...

hi tors! cute blog background. you so good.

I hate to read.

so I won't read about vampires. or anything else.

BUT I will see the movie... for sure.

Becca's Bologna said...

AHH I am so excited for this movie! For some reason though i dont think edward is hott enough but nobody is really hott enough to play edward right!?!

McKall said...

Hi Tori!! I thought they did and awesome job at picking all of the characters except emmett! I pictured him hot! his hair looks like he is going bald! They picked Esme the best though...Edward could be hotter...much hotter but he is fine i guess

Melanie said...

I fought the Twilight trend and ended up giving in too! I am right in the middle of the last book and, while I am not obsessed, it is still a good read.
Yeah, I have to agree about all the hair in the pictures. What is happening there!?

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