Apostrophy Designs: We, We So Excited

We, We So Excited

I am out of town for a work conference and I miss my Don and Bergs...apparently I'm not used to getting a good nights sleep if I'm not woken up by a toddler once or twice!

Anyways I have some other exciting events coming up to share...

I am really excited to be apart of Craft Lake City...there are so many crafters there that I look up to, so it will be fun to see (and if I'm brave enought MEET) some of them!!

Plus I am sharing a booth with my cute SIL, Ash...so what more could I want?

Do you remember the talented and Oh, so lovely Kate over at See Kate Sew? I swooned over her ruffle weeks and I am stoked to be apart of her Pleat Weeks.

Catch me over there near the end of August (per usual I will keep you posted on when it happens)...

And lastly, one last horray before the baby...I will be apart of Oh Sweet Sadie the first of Sepetember...

Again, I am in awe and so excited to be among such talented crafters.

Another one of my cute SIL's, Jill will be there too! Yah for crafty family members!

Once I have completed ALL OF THE ABOVE I will have a baby...ha ha, wishful thinking! :)


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