Apostrophy Designs: The Cover

The Cover

As part of my nesting, aka mad dash to get things done before Baby CHICKA comes, I made a carseat cover.

I know these aren't NEW TO THE SCENE...I just didn't get around to finishing Bergen's cover until the time she could reach up and grab it...the sure sign that she didn't really need one anymore.

So as proof to getting things done in an orderly fashion this time around I wanted to show off my finished product...

Plus I really looove the fabric!!!

I made the cover using a yard of two fabrics and sewing them together {36" x 42"} with rounded corners.
I really loved this stripey ribbon I had laying around and so I sewed to strips (18") long midway to tie the cover onto the seat.

Seems like I've been wondering where time has gone a lot lately, just look at Bergen at 1 month compared to now at about 2 1/2 yr.

P.S. She hasn't left the car seat alone since I got it out to wash it...anyone else thinking I'm gonna have my hands FULL???!!!

{P.S. Ignore the mismatch PJ's, this pregnant lady is behind on her laundry....don't judge.}


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