Apostrophy Designs: Ca$h Money

Ca$h Money

I have been staying up late working on projects as long as I can remember and to date, this has by far been my favorite late night project...

We stayed up late putting together this awesome tattoo for Adam's work party, where they committed him to sitting on the dunk tank.

{It's also been a running joke that he had a huge dollar sign tattoo on his back, we used this temporaty tattoo solution + contact paper}


Is it possible that after six years of marriage, this guy still surprises me??


lindsandbrian said...

Hey Tori! You guys are so fun and cute! I love seeing what you are up too!!! Is there anyway you could email me Tracy's number? I have lost it along the way. Thank you so much! PS your best friend says hi :)

Lindsey yesdnil_2@hotmail.com

Ashley said...

dolla dolla bills y'all! That was really so funny.

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