Apostrophy Designs: The Maternity Pumpkin

The Maternity Pumpkin

Don't know if you have anything fun planned this weekend, but we have been gearing up for one heck of a Garage Sale.

I mean just look at the gem I found...

Who knew this lovely pumpkin costume would also double as Maternity??

Too bad I'll have {hopefully} this baby by then...plus, I'm not gonna lie it was kinda hard to get off.

Have a ginormous-ly fun filled weekend!


Delia said...

Ha ha! You look awesome. Have a good sale. :)

Megan said...

This made me laugh so hard, love it! Good luck with the garage sale.

Cody and Tennille Boseman said...

That pumpkin is great!! You are going to have one lucky customer at that garage sale.

Ash said...

I thought this photo was from when you were pregnant with Bergs for some reason... haha. Perfect maternity shirt!

Jordan and Katrina Hansen said...


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