Apostrophy Designs: SYTYC Thrift - Old Schoolhouse Chalkboard {Tutorial}

SYTYC Thrift - Old Schoolhouse Chalkboard {Tutorial}

Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher and would've loved more than anything to have a chalkboard. 

So I used a window pane that was found at a thrift store and turned it into an Old School House Chalkboard, perfect for any "little teacher".

The old glass in the window was replaced with wood and then painted it with chalkboard paint. 

I had picked up some side walk chalk at the dollar store and school was in session!

With a chalkboard like this, your 'little teacher' will give you an A+!


I started with an old window pane from a thrift store. I got so excited to use chalkboard paint that I forgot to take better before pictures.

With the help of my cute husband Don, we made the chalkboard stand upright.

Truth be told we really wanted to add another bar in between the posts but our drill died! So just so it's known for more stability we will be adding the extra post soon.

Next I painted the posts white and then distressed them to match the antiqued look of the window pane.

Finally, I painted the chalkboard. After a few hours of drying the chalkboard was good to go and just in time for Spring Break with the kids I babysit! We played school a lot and even a few games of pictionary!

P.S. Don't you think I had the cutest model ever? He was all too excited to dress up and play teacher for the afternoon!! Thanks Haiders!


Cannwin said...

As soon as I saw this chalk board, I called my friend and said, 'You know all those old windows we just got rid of.'

It was a sad day around here. ;)

Great idea!

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