Apostrophy Designs: Pinteresting Day #1

Pinteresting Day #1

Here are couple of my favorite pins from my Pinterest board "This is what dreams are made of."

Right now, I am dreaming about wearing this necklace, getting my toes glittered, packing my bags and heading somewhere far enough away that I can read a good book (or two)!

Isn't that a good dream for a snowy day?

I think so.

{Do you Pinterest? If so, I'd love to check your boards out...you can follow me too if you'd like!)


Rachel said...

Congratulations on the upcoming baby! I love pinterest. I have been on it now for about three months. I will look up some of your boards.

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

I need to get started on pinterest! I love those books. We got my mom a few for Christmas two years ago and they have been on my list ever since.

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