Apostrophy Designs: Bergalish 2 Yr Pictures {a & g photography}

Bergalish 2 Yr Pictures {a & g photography}

I had been planning to take Bergen's 2 Yr old pictures ever since I saw one of these cute balloons over at Oh Happy Day.

I finally found the best one here, and then had to wait for semi-warm weather to arrive.

Once we had a glimmer of sunshine on a Saturday and we were good to go! Only ONE problem, Bergen was completely afraid of the balloon!!!!!

She screamed and ran away several times, the wouldn't even look at it at other times.

It was a bit windy and so the even though the balloon was tied down it would blow back and forth, finally I remembered I had some clear packing tape in my care {who doesn't carry packing tape with them?}.

Once the balloon was securely taped to the wall the pictures finally went a lot more smoothly.

I honestly love all of my pictures that Ashley from a & g photography takes and these are no exceptions (view more of them here).

It also helps that I have one of the cutest models there is!!! Absolutely love her.


Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

So cute! Bella sure loves her Bergy! The other day she told us she was Bergy's friend and that Bergy's dad is Adam. :)

Heather J said...

She looks adorable and Ash did a great job!

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