Apostrophy Designs: Goodbye January!

Goodbye January!

Man I can't wait for January to be over.

I seem to struggle with this month, I just hate getting home at night and not having the energy to go anywhere or accomplish anything.

So I'm saying GOODBYE January and HELLO February..

I am going to plan a GIVEAWAY, a 2ND BIRTHDAY and hopefully a VALENTINES DATE!

I will also be updating my shop with more zipper products and some news stuff as well.

Oh boy, I can't hardly wait.


Holly said...

Love those dangly earrings--please say they are part of the giveaway! And January is pretty lame, I'm glad it's over. Happy February to you!

Honeybee said...

Love the new look of the blog Tori! So fresh , clen & ready for the New Year. Happy February!

Delia said...

I love your new blog design Tori. Those pictures are pretty sweet too! I can't wait for all that you have planned. Knowing you, it's all going to turn out great.

lindsandbrian said...

I feel you on January, although I have felt lately that all time is flying by! Next time you are at Tracey's call me! I would love to see you. And we can talk house!!

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