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Just when I thought we were over one sickness hill, we ran right into another.

It happened really fast this afternoon, and we're not really sure what the caused HIVES.

But I am thankful to have people in the "know" that can help me get them taken care of.

Especially since I'm new to all of this and sort of freaked out.

The HIVES are still around tonight, but after some more medicine (which kinda wires Bergalish) they are starting to fade.

I am hoping tomorrow she will be back to her fun self and cute as ever! Just like in these pictures of her dancing.

(Sorry no pictures of said HIVES because she just looks too sad with splotches by her eyes and on her cheeks!)


Lando & Cami said...

I love love these pictures. What a freakin cutie! I love her cute outfit also:)

Trachel said...

i love love love Bergs so sorry she hasnt been herself lately:( i hope she starts feeling lots better and her happy self again! let us know if we can do anything! love you guys!

Ashlee said...

Go get some Aztec clay from a health food store and mix it like a face mask and put it on. It will be gone in a day. Thats the only stuff I use for diaper rashes any more. Its magic.

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