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Words to Live By

I used to be quite the quote collector...I even had a little notebook where I would jot down all of my favorites.

As few years ago I went through a big purge of all clutter and I'm pretty sure I threw it away.


But I want to start up another collection, but I'm bring it online... so I hope you enjoy!

We had some awesome talks today in church about a talk Elder Uchtdor gave called "Your Happily Ever After."

It was truly something that I needed to be reminded of and something that I hope Bergs will strive for!


Melanie said...

"It is your reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, that determines how your life’s story will develop." I have heard this said various ways and times, but I think I needed it again. Thanks Tor!

Katie said...

Love this quote! Kids are so hard to deal with when they don't sleep- we have been/are there too!

Shels said...

Well said! love that quote.

side note-I wore my grey/yellow zipper headband to work today and everyone LOVED it! :) They all said I have a very talented friend, and I would have to totally agree. :)

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