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To Sleep or Not to Sleep

I hate to be a major complainer...

But our sleeping has been pretty lousy this past week.

 It appears that Summer may have killed our sleeping routine.

Combine that with a newly found attitude...

 And you get a party at 3 or 4:30 in the morning!

I have started dreading night time, and yet here I am in Blog-land, Ugh.

Maybe Bergs sleep issues have to do with the fact that she keeps kicking herself in the face while trying to go nigh-nigh?

Or not...any ideas? Suggestions? Offers for sleepovers?


Traci said...

She can sleep at my house! I will take Bergs anytime! She is quite flexible! It doesn't look very comfortable! I think Bella went through a phase like that but I am a terrible mom and I made her cry herself back to sleep! It doesn't take long, but it is hard!

Delia said...

I bet once the summer fun dies down and you guys get back into a predictable routine she will follow suit. Sorry you're getting lame sleep.

I love that quote in the above post too! The talks were wonderful.

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