Apostrophy Designs: My {Golden} Girls

My {Golden} Girls

If you aren't all that familiar with Logan, there is a very nice group of mature adults who travel up here from Arizona during the summer.

They and many others refer to them as the Sunbirds.

I bumped into quite a few of these nice ladies at the Summerfest and one of them asked if I would be willing to do a class of some sort for them.

So a few days ago I got together with these fine ladies and we made rings and pins and laughed a lot.

The next day, I dropped something off and they invited me in for drinks and to play cards, some of you may laugh given my love for all things grandmotherly, but I really wanted to stay and play cards...

(They even had bridge mix!)

Oh well, I look forward to planning something fun with them next summer!


Missy said...

Ha ha whats funny is I didn't read your text first I just looked at the pictures and I thought it was a picture to go along with the picture of your high school friends... ya know like a here we are now, this is what we'll look like 50 years from now!

And for the record I love the sunbirds, we get a lot of them at the Sports Academy and they are hilarious!

Delia said...

Oh so fun! I like playing cards too. :)

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