Apostrophy Designs: Cabin Feva'

Cabin Feva'

We went up to the Clark cabin at Bear Lake... this time was especially fun because the weather was oh-so perfect!

My dream house includes a deck with room for everyone, and the cabin doesn't disappoint!

I'm sure we spent just as much time out there as anywhere else!

 Here's Bergs & Jado with grandma.

 These two kept cracking me up with how well they played together.

Plus, who doesn't love a water gun?

Stick 'em up partner!

 Bergs is very concerned that I'm taking too many pictures and not enjoying the deck...

I think it's safe to say that EVERYONE had fun!


Mindi said...


i followed your comment over here to your blog and i LOVE your zipper bangles/rings/headbands--
they are wonderful!

i wanted to shout you out on my blog next week--i found your shop on etsy, but there were no links to the bangles or the necklaces displayed in your ksl.com photo (?)--are you going to be selling those on your site?

email me @ mrclove@infowest.com and let me know the deets. nice to meet a fellow killers fan!

Delia said...

That first picture is cool Tori. What a cute little Bergen! Glad you had a nice time.

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