Apostrophy Designs: Oh So, So Much

Oh So, So Much

To be thankful for!

I was going to post something everyday last week but got busy spending time with family and neglected the Internet.

We ate not one, but two thanksgiving dinners ... Bergs even experienced some delcious table food for the first time.

Here's a few pictures from our Turkey Day...

Fun times were had by all!

On Friday we went black Friday shopping and the experience was average...not as good as last years!

Lastly, we capped our weekend off with my birthday...

I don't have any pictures from the celebrations but I must admit that I was spoiled in song, with presents, and love!

I really enjoyed the big 2 - 4 because it was the year I became a mom, but I am excited also for the even bigger 2 - 5 because T-Rizz is going to be a dad!!

**Don't you love this picture? Remember last years and how we reenacted it? I think we may need to try it again this year, I'll keep you posted.


Adrienne Hansen said...

Look at those babies! SOOO cute!

I totally vote for a reenactment of this picture.

Trachel said...

i agree we need to reenact the picture its tradition now! haha thanksgiving pics are so cute those 3 little ones will soon be getting in alot of trouble togethor:)

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