Apostrophy Designs: I'm So Serious, So-oo-ho-oo Serious

I'm So Serious, So-oo-ho-oo Serious


We are a family of SERIOUS nature.

So it would only be natural for me to SERIOUSLY love our family pictures.

I'd wish you could be SERIOUS too and check them out HERE.

We like to have fun too, which is what we did when we weren't being SERIOUS.


Amy said...

I hope Russ Dixon reads this post and that it brings a smile to his face. It brought a smile to mine! That's for sure.

Melanie said...

That little Bergen baby just makes me smile, whether she is being smiley or so serious! I am totally going to check out your family photos. We are doing ours this weekend and hoping we get one decent shot of our children together. Just one, that's all I ask for.

Ash said...

Thanks, Tor! I've gotten so many hits on my blog just from your mention... ha ha. Thanks again!

Emily and Russell Petty said...

Cute pictures! You are such a cute little family! I'm happy for ya, Tor!

Adrienne Hansen said...

OMG! What if Russ Dixon does read this?!? I hope he does. Such cute pictures that little Ash takes. She's awesome.

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