Apostrophy Designs: Costuma Palooza 2009

Costuma Palooza 2009

Cheerleader Outfit

Lovely Little Lady Bug

Busy Little Bee

I helped make these costumes and had a lot of fun making them.

Can't wait to make some more again next year!


Katie said...

So do you take orders?

Ash said...

You are fantastic.

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Tori I'm so jealous of your talent. All of the costumes were adorable. We loved Bella's cheer outfit.

Adrienne Hansen said...

Love, love, LOVE the new header! Especially the model picture of Don. Haha!

Amy said...

the blog makeover is AWESOME!!!

and your costume making... man tor -- I wish I had half your talent. you rock sister!!!

Jared and Delia said...

So cute Tori! Those glasses on that bee rock! So 80's. I like how big your pictures load. Do you mind if I ask who you go through picasa...flickr...?

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