Apostrophy Designs: Lost and Now Found

Lost and Now Found

I've disappeared. I would like to think that I have a good reason besides the Holidays for not posting, but I don't.

I've just been playing Tetris, what else is a girl with her own new computer supposed to do??

It's terrible I know...but I'm posting now.

Anyways some of my friends from High School got together at the Kohler's awhile ago, I almost did not go because Don was sick...but I was really glad I did! Here are some fun pictures from the party...

[the following are NOT beautified due to my new found love of Tetris]


momma said...

i love tetris! it is addicting :)

i have finally posted about the bag i won from you. the picture is not the best - my 5yo took the picture. i do love the bag and i get LOADS of comments/compliments on it when i've been out and about this holiday season. i refer everyone to your store. i've written down, apostrophy designs on so many napkins, store receipts, scraps of paper, etc.

thanks again for doing that give away!!!!!!

Miss Anne said...

you crack me up!

nice to see your face again!

(did you get my canvas????)


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