Apostrophy Designs: Best Weekend Ever!

Best Weekend Ever!


This past weekend we:

-attended a blessing/baptism
-witnessed the upsetting Aggie Game
-ate A LOT of good meals
-spent a good chunk of money at IKEA
-attended the Christmas Devotional
-walked through Temple square

All to be ruined by:

-waking up to snow! totally kidding.

This weekend was a lot of fun, I am really sad to see it end.

[Thanks to Nan & Scott for fun time!]


Trachel said...

Looks like you guys had alot of fun!! Don's fam seems so fun! I hate how fast weekends go by it seems like you blink and its monday morning.Im glad you were in young womans if that means pamela is on her way. She will definatly be a DOLL

Brigitte said...

So did you go to temple square saturday night by chance? We did the temple square thing saturday night and I swear EVERY Mormon in the valley was there - it was so crowded!

Cute picture frames though and I love the blog background. So festive. :)

Miss Anne said...

Yay! We both went to Ikea the same weekend! :)

I bet you had a lovely weekend! The Temple is gorgeous! Love your blog and picture frames!

momma said...

I just received a random facts tag and decided to tag 7 people. If you're interested in sharing 7 facts, please see my blog!

julie said...

It was so fun to see you guys! Your little tummy is just too cute :)

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