Apostrophy Designs: A. Don's Birthday [Revisited]

A. Don's Birthday [Revisited]

I have been going to post these pictures for a week now, but we are still recovering from this...


I will post more before and afters as soon as the afters get looking a little less scary. In the mean time here are some shots from Don's Birthday...



Last year we had the candle fiasco...

This year we had the frosting mishap [apparently frosting does not like to stick to cheesecake?] so instead of writing out everything on the cake, I managed to simply write ADAM and draw lips a duck [Thank goodness for Photoshop].

All-in-all it was a good birthday with lots of support all around!!

[Thanks Nan&Scott for letting us use your furnished house for
Birthday celebrations!]


Jason and Noelle Jones said...

You look so cute pregnant! It looks like a fun birthday! I am excited to see the after pictures of your house!

Miss Anne said...

happiest birthday to your hubs!

:) You're an ADORABLE pregnant lady! :)

Trachel said...

You have such a glow Tor!!!You look so cute prego;)Looks like a fun Birthday partaaaay.

Tanner and Stacy said...

Why can't I see a belly? Everyone else can! I need side views!

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