Apostrophy Designs: Confession #5, In My Place

Confession #5, In My Place

I received an e-mail a couple weeks ago informing me that Pamela/Tamula** would start to be able to hear sounds outside of my belly.

I found this exciting, but nerve racking...all of my swearing would have to stop immediately, plus I didn't know if it would be ok to jokingly name our baby anymore. What if she grew to like the fake name we have given her? Pamela, ugh!

While most people choose to talk and sing to their babies or play them classical music, we've decided to take a different approach... NOTHING BUT ROCK N' ROLL CONCERTS and so we took Pamela along with us to the Coldplay concert last Saturday.

Now before you call child services...


Yes we were close at the concert, close to the very back wall in the nose bleed section...

But I'm glad we weren't too close, because at one point during Politik, Pamela was head banging so hard I thought she might burst out...but I think she's really into rock n' roll.

Think it's too much to ask that she'll come into this word singing Lovers in Japan instead of crying? ...I'll have to keep working on that, but in the mean time anyone know where I find/buy/rent a confetti machine?

[**Neice Hailey's version of Pamela=Tamula]


Anonymous said...

I love this post so much.

Tamula's aunt

Shels said...

You are so funny! :) Your baby will come out rockin'!

Sheen said...

You are too cute! You're little babe will be a rockin' cutie for sure!

Leslie said...

Hey I heard that Chris Martin gave the nosebleed section a special shout out by playing a song in the crowd. Was he by you?! I really hope he was! I'm not the hugest coldplay fan.. I hope we can still be friends though!

Stacy said...

Uh, you better be careful or your kid could turn out like me and my siblings. You know this is how it all started with my mom, right??

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