Apostrophy Designs: 90 Years in the Making

90 Years in the Making


Yesterday was my Grandma Erickson's 90th Birthday, Wahoo! She is still very active and always looking for ways to serve others, she has always been such an amazing example to me. She has accomplished so much from serving LDS Church missions to making quilts and blankets for grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I love you Grandma!

Here is a cute poem she wrote 10 years ago when she was turning 80:


Credits HERE & HERE


Anonymous said...

Your grandma sounds so cute. I can't wait for the poem when she turns 100!

Unknown said...

That is soo cute. I love that poem. Ryan's grandmas are 90 and 95!

jill d said...

Cute post Tor! She is such a good Grandma & we love & adore her. Love that poem too.

TamiJenson said...

Tori I love little grandma... She is so amazing. It was such a great party. You do such great blogging page. Your Awesome.

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