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Take That, Exercise

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate walking, running or exercise in general. So you can imagine my delight as I read that 1/3 of people who made it to the ripe ol' age of 100 or older watched reality TV. With 1/4 of those watching MTV or music videos, and some of them use iPods.

So if I want to live and be ripe in age, what can I do?


The Hills started back up this week and drama, drama, drama! I love it, though. I found this at Heavy.com and nearly died... it's called Over the Hills, enjoy and add one year onto your life, this is as REAL as it gets...


Amy said...

you find the FUNNNNNIEST stuff tor.

and sweet, I am going to live FOREVER.

Bri & Clarke said...

Hey Hey I love the Hills...It's awesome! Question for ya...How do you get the digital scrapbooking stuff from Pepermint creative to work. I don't get it. And do you still work for the ortho.? I need to get braces or invislin again...I just wondered how much it would be? Thanks!

Melanie said...

What? MTV and reality shows? I may not live forever like Amy, but I know I'll be super old!

After looking at your earlier post, I realized that I just got the Christina Ricci cut without actually meaning to. Hmmm.

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