Apostrophy Designs: Well Now,

Well Now,

it's me (well us) again.

I must admit I am really bad at writing when things are well, uh, not going my way.

I won't share details but I can say things are on the UP!

I haven't taken any pictures of Bergs with my camera for awhile, but thank goodness for PhotoBooth. If only I had time to document and sort through all the goodies we've taken...maybe one day.

Some of Bergs funnies:

-Saying "I'm sick" when she wants to get out of something
-After playing house with cousin Hadley, Bergs says Goo Goo Ga Ga (all the time)
-Sings weird made up songs about an Apple or Apple Sauce
-Say's "Oh Crap" for me when I drop something
-Loves to dip, Ketchup, Syrup, Butter, Ranch, Basically anything liquid or smearable
-Calls our house, HER HOUSE
-Asks to go to Church/Nursery about every other day
-Talks non-stop
-Loves to tell secrets (it's always I LOVE YOU!)


**Also I just finished my first Weeks Project for SYTYC! The theme was Dollar Store and I'll have to be honest I am not a browser of any type when it comes to shopping. I usually have to have my mind set on what I'm getting before I go into any store, so this project was a little tough for me. But I love what I came up with and HOPE you will too!


Delia said...

I need to be more like you...not being able to write and vent about things when they are going poorly. I seem to have the opposite problem. :)

I am excited to see your SYTYC project! Whoo hoo!

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