Apostrophy Designs: LUCKY WINNER


Sorry for the delay!

But we had quite the weekend, busy, crazy, busy, crazy, crazy, busy!

I got Bergen's two-year pictures finally taken on Saturday (the sun came out! HORRAY!).

She was completely afraid of the HUGE balloon, I know right? Totally worth it though.

But I will post more details as soon as I get the pictures from my cute SIL, Ashley.

CONGRATS TO KAREN WHO WON THE DOLL! CONTACT ME at torijoandersen(at)gmail.com with hair color/dress color preference and address!

I am still working on the pattern, who was I kidding it's a lot of work! But I will get it done soon!


Holly Hox said...

What a cutie! Just wanted to let you know that my headband came last week and I LOVE it!!! Thanks so much.

Missy said...

Um hi I think you are the cutest Mom EVER!!! Your pics of Bergen are always so dang cute! When I have kids will you give me parenting lessons?!!

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