Apostrophy Designs: Bergs Family & House

Bergs Family & House

 For Bergen's Birthday we gave her a Fisher Price Dollhouse that came with a cute little family.

Lately this is her most favorite thing to play with and she has named the family members after her cousins and uncles.

I giggle everytime she plays with them because the baby is often crying and she is always telling the baby to stop crying and to go to sleep.

She is going to be a great BIG sister one day, ha ha!

Uncle Rico is Adam's brother, Aaron. 
Grandma is Grandma.
Bryters and Brooklyn (sometimes Brinlee) are two cousins.
Mom, Dad and Baby are themselves.

I just really think it's cute to see her have an imagination with the family, even though she's named them after the people we probably see most often!

P.S. You should see us fit them all in the family van...


Amy said...

hilarious!!! LOVE THAT BERGS!

p.s. I have to go buy her an amy at once. I AM ON IT!!! ;)

Stacy said...

I always thought you looked like a Barbie doll! I need to get that set--way more modest than Barbies!!

Bless by Tone said...

we're fellow SYTYC contestants, just wanted to say hi. Tone

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